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Set up and run by psychologists, Psyma are a targeted psychology service dedicated to delivering quality care. Our service brings together highly-qualified Clinical Psychologists, delivering treatment through responsive online platforms and one to one therapy sessions.



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Our Team

We have carefully selected a team of leading mental health professionals.
Hear what some of them of have to say about Psyma.

Dr Saeema Ghafur
Clinical Psychologist

"Psyma is an innovative service focused on overcoming barriers to mental healthcare.  It’s great that clients don’t have to wait a long time for sessions and can access therapy from wherever they feel most comfortable and at a time that suits them. Digital technology is revolutionising mental healthcare and I am dedicated to being a part of it."

Dr Marianne Rabassa
Counselling Psychologist

"Increasingly we are considering health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective, yet finding the time and space to access the services we may need can be a challenge in itself. Psyma allows people to take care of their mental health in a way that’s flexible and accessible and highly relevant for the way we live today."

Dr Kavus Davis
Clinical Psychologist

"I am delighted to be a part of Psyma - enabling easier and quicker access to psychology through the use of new technologies."

Dr Thomas Italiano
Clinical Psychologist

"Psyma allows experienced professionals to offer therapy in a flexible and dynamic way. It brings
a new perspective on psychological therapy which I am proud to be a part of."

Dr Nicola Taylor
Clinical Psychologist

"Psyma provides clients with the opportunity of accessing therapy from a setting convenient to them.  Specialising in the field of clinical health psychology, I am particularly excited about the possibilities for clients with physical health difficulties who may struggle to attend therapy in traditional settings."

Dr Towhida A Rahman
Consultant Psychiatrist

"Good mental health is as crucial to our wellbeing as good physical health. At Psyma, clients are able to access high quality, caring and compassionate therapy via a medium that suits them and their lifestyles.  I am delighted to be part of the team offering this wonderful service."

Sophia Khan

"Psyma represents an alternative and easy-to-use way of accessing professional psychological help when you need it. As a mental health professional, l am extremely enthusiastic about being involved in such an innovative initiative."

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