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Mental health difficulties are all too common in the workplace and is the leading cause of absence from work.  70 million work days are lost every year due to mental ill health, which costs employers around £42 billion each year.

We believe that psychological wellbeing is incredibly important for the workplace and that support should be readily available.  Our service aims to offer employees therapy that is convenient, accessible and cost effective, resulting in huge cost savings for businesses.

Benefits of Psyma in your business

Improved Access

Employees can access therapy on their mobile phone which means no inconvenient trips to a clinic or unnecessary days off work


Employees can speak to their psychologist at home, at their work or on the go

Out-of-hours availability

Out-of-hours availability
We are open 365 days a year and employees can schedule an appointment between 8am to 10pm.

On demand

Our on demand service means that employees can see a psychologist within an hour


Employees can choose their preferred psychologist from any of our highly trained and qualified specialists

Carefully tailored therapy

We can help improve employees overall wellbeing, whether they have a mental illness, have a specific mental health concern or just require some advice


Our service is discreet and confidential; employees can access sessions anonymously on our secure platform

Reduced absence

By putting in place accessible support for mental health difficulties, we can help cut down on staff absence resulting in huge cost savings

What we offer

• Comprehensive assessments for all employees
• Treatment of a range of mental health difficulties
• Advice and consultation to organisations regarding employee wellbeing
• Workshops on various psychological topics
• Cost effective packages to fit company requirements
• A unique custom-built white labelled platform
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