When most people think of addictions they typically think of drugs and alcohol.  Addiction, however, includes behavioural addictions such as gambling, work, shopping, sex and other behaviours and activities.  Someone experiencing an addiction will:


·     be unable to stay away from the addictive substance or stop the behaviour even when it causes them harm

·     display a lack of self-control

·     find it difficult to stop

·     deny that there is a problem

·     need more of the substance to satisfy their addiction

·     experience withdrawal symptoms


People who are addicted are unable to control their need for the addictive substance or behaviour even in the face of negative social, health and legal consequences.  Over time, addictions can seriously interfere with daily life.


Our exceptional psychologists have a wealth of clinical experience in treating addictions, and are able to deliver a wide range of established therapeutic interventions to help you to overcome your addiction. 

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