The loss of a loved one is a natural part of life and it is normal to experience grief at this point.  Grief is personal and everyone reacts differently based on various factors such as your personality, family background, how the person died, previous experiences of death and your relationship with that person.


Some emotions typically experienced at the death of a loved one include:


·     Denial

·     Disbelief

·     Confusion

·     Shock

·     Sadness

·     Yearning

·     Anger

·     Despair

·     Guilt


Its normal to experience grief and allowing yourself to grieve can be very helpful.  Everyone has their own way to dealing with their loss, there is no right or wrong way to deal with it, but some coping strategies can be less helpful in the long run.


Grief is not specific to losing a person we love, although this has the most profound effect on us, but other types of losses such as the end of a relationship, retirement, losing a pet or loss of health can also have a significant impact on us.


Therapy for grief can help if you are struggling to come to terms with your loss, especially if you believe the mental and emotional effects of a person’s death or the loss of something significant is affecting your ability to function during the day.  Psychologists at Psyma will work with you to understand the nature of your loss. We can then create a personalised intervention to help you cope with your grief and prepare for the future, allowing you to continue with your life towards eventually reaching acceptance.        

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