Physical Illness

Physical illness

Long term health condition can have a serious or unpleasant impact on your day to day life. Conditions such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain can be hard to deal with and result in psychological distress.  Seeing a psychologist can help you achieve a better quality of life.

Difficulties people bring to therapy:

·     Feeling frustrated.

·     Low mood / loss of interest

·     Feeling stuck, hopeless, or lost

·     Feeling overwhelmed/ loss of control

·     Relationship difficulties due to the illness

·     Feeling different, isolated, or lonely

·     Feeling a burden on others

·     Feeling afraid, worried or stressed

·     Sleep difficulties

Our service is particularly tailored to working with physical illnesses, by delivering therapy in your home.  The Psychologists at Psyma are highly trained in working with a range of physical conditions and will recommend a treatment plan depending on their assessment and formulation of your difficulties.  

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